Growth Incubator Program

A 3-month one on one mentorship program for aspiring product managers. As a young or aspiring PM, you sign up for the program, and we match you with mentors and companies for real-time internships to get highly valued on-the-job experience and also get the opportunity to secure full-time Product related roles.

About GrIP

What we offer

  1. One-on-one mentorship
  2. Internship with high value companies
  3. Community support to get you started in your product management career
GrIP 2020 Partners

Cohort 1 was a success!


Review from our previous cohort

Joining PMA was the tipping point in my career as a PM. I learned a lot from the conversations and AMA organised by the PMA community and took advantage of PMA’s GrIP product management internship to be more grounded in Product Management, which led to where I am today in my career.
Charles Oloyede

Product Manager

The PM Africa Growth Incubator Program was an enlightening and important experience in my product management journey. Learning about the product development process and getting to appreciate the importance of each step was vital information I was yet to truly understand before the Incubator.
Anita Vitisia

Product Manager

Taking advantage of PMA's GRIP internship was a huge propellant for me, I'm doing pretty well right now because of that exposure. Moreover, Joining PMA opened my eyes to the impact of a community in building/growing a career. Really good community in terms of experiential knowledge, resources, meetups, AMA etc. If you're not a part of this community yet as a Product person, I think you're missing out on a lot.
Gabriel Adegboye

Product Manager

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