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Annual AMA Sessions
About the community

A Community of Product People Across Africa

Our primary objective is to build a community of product enthusiasts passionate about change and product-led growth in Africa. We achieve this by providing a platform that encourages discourse, sharing of resources and end-to-end support. We also organize networking events, workshops and learning opportunities for our community of Product Managers in different industries through our groundbreaking initiative- GrIP (Growth Incubator Program), as well as other avenues.
As a community, we are not limited to just product managers; we have a wealthy spread of members across Product Design, Software Product Engineers, Data Analysts, UX Researchers, Product Marketing Managers, and so much more

Meet our team

Funto Akinbisehin

PMAFRICA Founder & Product Consultant at ASOS


Theodora Chimonez

Head of Product, Salad Africa | Director of Strategy, PM Africa


Derek Vinebo

Head of Product, Attenvo | Director of Operations, PM Africa


Moyosore Fagbenro

Product Manager at Product People & Director of Growth, PM Africa

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PMAfrica is a fast - growing community of product people where we discuss practical insights into the design and development of successful products as well as what it takes to build product teams.

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